USA Baseball Coaches "C" Certification

Skills, Strategies, and Teaching Tools

Requirements to Obtain a "C" Certification:

  • Completed “A” and "B" Certifications
  • Managing a Pitching Staff Course
  • Managing Players Course 
  • Offensive Development Course      
  • Outfield Development Course
  • Infield Development Course
  • Baserunning Development Course
  • Pitching Development Course
  • Catching Development Course
  • Attend USA Baseball Coaches Clinic
  • “C” Certification Code of Conduct

Benefits of Obtaining a “C” Certification:

  • Complete further education and become engaged in the coaching community by participating in events and online courses.
  • Meet and learn from more seasoned leaders in the coaching community.
  • Creation of a safer environment through the completion of abuse awareness training. 
  • Expanded professional network within the baseball coaching community, both locally and nationally.
  • Acquire advanced skills in game planning and team/player management.
  • Listed in the user search feature of the USA Baseball Develops website as a Certified Coach.
  • Ability to submit articles for inclusion in the USA Baseball Develops Blog.
  • Eligibility to host or present at a USA Baseball Coaches Clinic.

Topics Covered:

  • Strategies
  • Game Management
  • Creating a Positive Experience
  • Coaching Philosophy
  • Game and Practice Approach
  • Management of a Pitching Staff

Coaches who have completed a “C” Certification have demonstrated the following:

  • Knowledge of all concepts in the “A” and "B" Certification levels.
  • Knowledge of basic and advanced fundamental skills of the game. 
  • Ability to create a positive sport environment for players and coaches.


  • "C" Certification is free of cost.

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