How to Host a Successful USA Baseball Community Clinic

USA Baseball Community Clinic hosts are an important part of not only the clinic experience, but the overall Coach Certification pathway as well. USA Baseball aims to empower each clinic host with the support, information and resources they need to host a successful clinic. Below are some ways for clinic hosts to ensure USA Baseball Community Clinics are a positive event for all participants.


  • Clinics must be free to attend and open to anyone who wishes to attend.

  • Secure a date, time, and facility (both outdoors & indoors).

  • The date should be at a time when youth baseball in the area is not in-season.

  • Typically the best days and times are: Saturday mornings, Sunday evenings, weeknight evenings

  • Seek out and secure speakers. Please note, all clinicians and demonstrators must be at least 18 years old.

  • Host staff, other strong coaches in the area.

  • USA Baseball may assist with coach procurement if absolutely necessary.

  • Communicate all information with appropriate USA Baseball staff.

  • USA Baseball will send the host a Host Manual as an outline for the clinic structure.


  • Clinic partner, GameChanger, will email everyone within their database within 60 miles of your clinic.

  • USA Baseball will provide host with a branded flyer, Facebook event, and placement on

  • Share all clinic information with local leagues, teams, and parents via email, social media, and word of mouth.

  • Registration for all clinics can be found at


  • Check-in all attendees at the clinic. If attendee did not register online, have them complete the on-site registration form.

  • Have a detailed plan prior to the clinic. Cover all areas in the USA Baseball Host Manual.

  • If indoors, please ensure that face coverings and social distancing protocols are followed under current COVID-19 CDC Guidelines.

  • Ask speakers in advance what equipment they will need to have provided by the host.

  • Actively engage attendees during and between clinic sessions.

  • Include multiple demonstrations by players and/or coaches. If players are involved in demonstrations, they must sign waivers prior to the clinic.

  • Take pictures and video.

  • If promoting on social media, use the hashtag #USABclinics and tag USA Baseball and staff where applicable


  • Contact USA Baseball to transfer on-site registration forms and attendance form to USA Baseball.

  • Complete the survey delivered by USA Baseball.

  • Solicit feedback from attendees when possible seeking ways to improve the clinic.