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Coaching Philosophy and Approach Module1004/14/2020 8:47:43 AM4/14/2020 12:47:43 PM
Catching Stances, Receiving, and Blocking1004/14/2020 8:59:37 AM4/14/2020 12:59:36 PM
Coaching the Basics of Hitting1004/14/2020 9:06:50 AM4/14/2020 1:06:49 PM
Coaching the Fundamentals of Infield1004/14/2020 9:25:18 AM4/14/2020 1:25:17 PM
Introduction to Pitch Smart: Understanding Arm Care, Guidelines, and Resources1004/5/2020 2:47:10 AM4/5/2020 6:47:09 AM
The Confident Baseball Coach: Fostering Health, Safety, Fun, and Success1004/5/2020 3:19:44 AM4/5/2020 7:19:43 AM
Abuse Awareness for Adults1004/13/2020 11:07:38 PM4/14/2020 3:07:38 AM
Basic First Aid164/15/2020 2:00:17 AM 
Basic First Aid1004/14/2020 7:55:01 AM4/14/2020 11:55:00 AM
Introduction to Umpiring: Preparing for Competition, Communicating Effectively, and Managing Games1004/14/2020 8:22:59 AM4/14/2020 12:22:58 PM
Building a Baseball Experience1004/14/2020 8:38:50 AM4/14/2020 12:38:49 PM

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PUREEnrolled04/14/2020 50.00 
ACE_BEnrolled04/14/2020 75.00 

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