Leagues and Academies

USA Baseball Sport Development is pleased to offer a variety of resources to amateur baseball leagues and academies around the country.  The first resource that is readily available to your programs, is the Long-Term Athlete Development Plan.  With the LTAD, your coaches can adopt and/or adapt this plan and implement it to ensure your athletes are progressing at the right level for their respective age.
Additionally, the Mobile Coach application provides practice planning capabilities for coaches at all levels and allows them to take this resource with them to practices!  Pitch Smart, available within the Mobile Coach app, is a comprehensive resource for safe pitching practices and allows your coaches to pitch count right at the fields.
Lastly, USA Baseball is able provide your organization with a background check service that will satisfy the law recently mandated by Senate Bill 534.   Per the Bill, all participating adults working with minor athletes are required to undergo a background check. Through our background check service provider, JD Palatine, we can assist in making this process streamlined for your coaches and administrators. To find out more on how to partner with us in this area, email
[email protected].