USA Baseball Incident Reporting Workflow

USA Baseball is committed to ensuring a safe environment for all amateur baseball players and has provided a variety of resources to the greater marketplace to assist with this.  The online reporting form is for all to use to report incidents of abuse or potential abuse.  However, it is important to note that not all incidents reported to USA Baseball will be investigated or adjudicated by us.  First and foremost, all incidents MUST be reported to the appropriate authorities directly by the original reporter or witness to legal authorities, as mandated by law (click here to be directed to each state’s child abuse and neglect reporting numbers).  Below is an outline of what happens when an incident is reported to us.

There are three categories of persons about which incident reports may be made:

1.) Report is made on an “Adult Participant” under the SafeSport Act of 2017
2.) Report is made on a “Non-Adult Participant”  
3.) Report is made on an “unaffiliated individual”

When incidents are reported to us, to the extent the report is unclear, we ensure that the appropriate authorities have been contacted (though note that reporting to us does NOT relieve the Reporter of his or her direct obligation to report to law enforcement) and report all incidents to the US Center for SafeSport.  The US Center for SafeSport will only handle reports that are for “Adult Participants,” sending all other cases back to us.  

Reports that involve a “Non-Adult Participant” (someone who is officially involved with a USA Baseball event, for example) will be investigated upon by our third party investigative and research firm and USA Baseball may or may not take further action in its sole discretion.  

Reports that involve an “unaffiliated individual” will be disseminated to the relevant amateur baseball organization which the respondent is affiliated with, and a list of all available resources will be provided.  Please note, that USA Baseball is not responsible for these investigations and it is up to individual organization on how they will or will not proceed with the information provided.